Prizes and awards

  • “Roberto Ravenni” Award (2014) for the dissemination of the culture and of the image of the city of Follonica in the world.
  • Bicentennial Medal of the Republic of Paraguay (2014) awarded to Maurizio Vanni for the excellence of his work in the country.
  • Official Recognition Medal bestowed by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano for the exhibition “Carte rivelatrici. The hidden treasures of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection” (2011) hosted at the LU.C.C.A. – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art and for the project of culture, private enterprise and territory “IT’s Tissue – The Italian Technology Experience” (2013).
  • IPA Award “L’Arte in contemporanea” (5th edition, 2010) to recognize the long and fruitful activity carried out by Maurizio Vanni in the national artistic arena.
  • Melvin Jones Fellow (2005) assigned by the Florence Lions Club Michelangelo to Maurizio Vanni in recognition for the creation of artistic events benefiting charity and solidarity.