Maurizio Vanni

Maurizio Vanni

President & CEO

Museologist, art historian, expert in museum marketing, non-conventional marketing and advanced marketing.

Maurizio Vanni is currently the Director of Lu.C.C.A – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art and a Professor of Museology and Museum Marketing at UMSA – Universidad of the Argentine Social Museum of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Vanni additionally holds a course on emotional and experiential Marketing within the Master in “Economics and Management of Communication and Media” hosted by the Faculty of Economics in Rome at Tor Vergata and is a Professor of Arts & Culture Marketing within MaDAMM Master held at the Higher Institute of Musical Studies “Luigi Boccherini” in Lucca.

He is the President & CEO of MVIVA Srl, a company specialized in marketing linked to culture geared at private companies, territories, museums and professionals.

Maurizio Vanni has curated more than 500 exhibits and projects related to non-conventional marketing in over 60 museums in 30 countries around the world. He has held conferences, seminars and specialization courses focusing on contemporary museology, on the relationship between art and business by partnering successfully with over 30 private enterprises and on emotional, experiential and territorial marketing in over 40 universities worldwide and in cities such as Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Chicago, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Asunción, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, Frankfurt to name a few. Vanni has published over 200 papers and critical essays.